Top 10 Propagandists Who Pushed Russia Collusion Hoax

russia collusion


CNN has also given vast amounts of airtime to analysts and Democrat lawmakers pushing the Russia collusion narrative. The Washington Post The Washington Post was on the forefront of publishing anonymously sourced stories suggesting collusion between Russia and Trump campaign officials. Schiff has also tried to fundraise off of the hoax. Benjamin Wittes Wittes infamously tweeting cannon gifs every time a new sensational report came out that advanced the Russia collusion narrative. Once this information was made public his legal woes began. According to Bongino Chalupa alerted the DNC of the threat of Russian influence. Earlier in the day the office of Special Counsel Robert Mueller handed in its report on the Russia investigation to the Department of Justice and it was announced that no new indictments would be forthcoming. along with washington free beacon editor chief matthew continetti and reuters white house correspondent jeff mason. The people who spread this theory both inside and outside the government. Mollie Hemingway the presidents son law and top adviser

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