Top Dem dismisses possibility of collusion fatigue The Russians arent getting tired

russia collusion


The top Democrat on the House Oversight Committee warned ominously on Sunday that the Russians arent getting tired and are attacking our electoral system every single day if not every hour. Well we dont have time to get tired because the Russians arent getting tired. Mueller exactly what his intentions were. All that was a long slow distraction over real culpability on the part of a number of our supposed best and brightest. Rosenstein who was a longtime associate who had worked with him on prior investigations. Rosenstein had also drafted the memo justifying Trumps firing of FBI Director James Comey which directly led to Muellers appointment. LegaciesThe Mueller fiasco likely will end any talk of any special counsel investigation for a generation. And we the people will learn yet again that our best and brightest just may be among our worst and dumbest

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