ROUNDUP These Conspiracy Theorist Democrats Refuse to Give Up on the RussiaGate Hoax Big League Politics

russia conspiracy


that attorney general barr was selected for precisely the purpose of throwing water on what they thought would be an explosive mueller report. Chuck and Nancy claim the Attorney General cannot be trusted to interpret the very same report theyve heralded every day for two years. Congress voted 420 0 to release the full Mueller report. Congress voted 420 0 to release the full Mueller report. Not a summary from his handpicked Attorney General. In interviews since Attorney General William Barr issued his four page letter on Sunday saying theres ample evidence of Trump campaign and Russia contacts that may not have risen to the level of criminal conduct. They are demanding the full release of the Mueller report to determine what else the special counsel found and they appear intent to continue investigating ties between Trump and Russia. What I accept was there was apparently no criminal conspiracy. the headline conclusion of muellers report was reported far and wide. Chief among those was MSNBCs Rachel Maddow Show which covers Russia more than all other topics combined

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