Under Pressure Apple Shows Annexed Crimea As Russia On Apps

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US tech giant Apple has complied with Moscows demands to show Crimea lawmakers said Wednesday. The Black Sea peninsula and its largest cities of Sevastopol and Simferopol are now displayed as Russian territory on Apples maps and weather apps when used in Russia. Crimea and Sevastopol now appear on Apple devices as Russian territory said in a statement. The State Duma released a statement following a meeting between Vasily Piskaryov Darya Yermolina. The presidents reiterated their firm commitment to international law and the basic principles of international relations. Zelensky including the medical rehabilitation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers. The statement of the Ukrainian Presidents press service also confirms Ukraines aspirations for European Union. The first thing you should know about me is that I absolutely hate talking on the phone. My friends family and co workers all know this about me. Its not the talking that bothers me its the anticipation angst from waiting for a phone call

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