Is The Viral Russian Owned Faceapp A Danger To Your Privacy

russia faceapp


As Founder and CEO of IT Security Solutions Albert Whale told KDKA there are red flags for FaceApp. Dont expect to see any FaceApp memes coming from the 2020 Democrats anytime soon. The app was created by Wireless Lab which is based in Russia. The company said on Wednesday that the user data is not transferred to Russia. DNC warns candidates of Russia based FaceApp; developers issue statementThe Democratic National Committee sent a security alert to 2020 presidential campaigns Wednesday afternoon warning them not to use the popular smartphone application FaceApp CNN has learned. faceapp was developed by russians read. The organization instead repoortedly sent out an alert warning 2020 Democratic presidential campaigns from using the app due to concerns about the apps Russian developers according to a report from CNN. unfortunately warned an alert from bob lord. Still and theres no simple way to request that it delete its data. Everyone from Sam Smith to Sophia the Robot are intentionally aging

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