Russia Sends New Missiles Fors 400 Air Defense System To China

russia missile


An S range radar stations or airborne early warning systems. Military vehicles carrying missile launchers and weapons paraded through the streets of Moscow on Monday as the country geared up for its annual Victory Day parade on Red Square. Reuters reported an S range ballistic missile system were mounted on trucks and driven through the Russian city the latter are usually capable of carrying nuclear weapons it said. The spiraling political crisis in Venezuela has drawn Russia into the Western Hemisphere on a scale not seen since the Cuban missile crisis Rep. The Russians persuaded him to stay in Venezuela McCaul said. We havent seen the Russians in the Western Hemisphere this strongly since the Cuban missile crisis with military assets. We have the Cuban security forces and the Russians propping up Maduro fighting the forces of democracy and free and fair elections. I would argue that it is the Colombians and Brazilians and Argentinians and Lima group that need to lead this effort McCaul said. Replacement missiles for the S air missile system sold to China by Russia last year have been sent according to media reports. China is the first country to buy the systems from Russia and has made them a key component of its Rocket Force

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