Russia Bombed 2 Syrian Displacement Camps NYT The Moscow Times

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Russia denied that attack but the NYT reported Sunday that its flight logs and radio intercepts showed that a Russian pilot conducted four strikes in the city that morning. The expulsion of Russian diplomats by Germany is an unfriendly and unjustified move the Russian Foreign Ministry believes. The German government earlier announced it ordered two employees of the Russian Embassy in Berlin to leave the country. German authorities alleged the crime may be tied to officials in the Russian government or in Russias Chechen Republic. According to Bild the man survived four assassination attempts before leaving his home country and getting asylum in Germany. The German government ordered the expulsion of two Russian diplomats on Wednesday in response to what they described as real indications Russian authorities stood behind the broad daylight assassination of a Chechen exile in Berlin. A statement released on the site of the German Foreign Ministry suggested the move followed the insufficient participation of Moscow in the murder investigation. German prosecutors say the suspect entered the country using a Russian passport under the name of Vadim Sergeyevich Sokolov. The Russian Foreign Ministry has said it will respond asymmetrically. Germany has expelled two Russian diplomats and its federal prosecutors have taken over the case of the slaying of an ethnic Chechen Georgian national in Berlin amid allegations of Russian involvement

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