Ambassador Jon Huntsman Says Conclusion Of Mueller Probe Could Lead To Positive Steps In US Russian Relations

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ambassador to Russia said Wednesday that special counsel Robert Muellers report should not be seen as a magic elixir that will soothe tensions between the two superpowers. Asked about the relationship between the United States and Russia on the show Huntsman offered some possible areas of agreement. The Russian people themselves want to get along with the United States Huntsman suggested. mueller report shows that the russians were successful 07. The estrangement which weve experienced in the bilateral relationship has gone on too long Huntsman told Public Radio Internationals The World. And the estrangement can lead to bad conclusions always assuming the worst in the other potentially extremely dangerous. Huntsman said in the interview in Moscow that it was important that the investigation is done and that it was professionally conducted. But we havent seen manifestation of that yet. Huntsman says the reports conclusion may allow America to take some positive steps

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