Dems Fear Looking Obsessive About Russia After Barr Memo on Mueller Probe

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The Russians are coming or the Russians were never there? said the agencys surrogate falsely claiming Mueller was unable to find either the troll factory or evidence against Russian hackers. Now that the special counsels report has been finalizedand summarized by Attorney General Bill Barr to exonerate Trump on matters of collusionthat question remains stubbornly unresolved. Everybody wants to call the whole process over before anyone has even read the Mueller report calling Barrs summary a propaganda victory for Trump. They should pursue the report and testimony. Eastern hour so called experts offered hot takes such as the Russians have clearly won and Mueller basically seemed to abdicate or punt on the obstruction portion of the investigation. When Melber asked if he accepts the conclusion that there was no chargeable collusion Nance played the role of O. Ordinarily the fact that you dont arent able to prove the underlying crime does not exonerate a person from obstruction. CNN Trump Russia Conspiracy Theorists STILL Sitting Outside of Muellers OfficeIts over but CNN just wont go home. CNN crime reporter Shimon Prokupecz tweeted Monday morning Our CNN stakeout team still at work spotted Mueller reporting to work this morning. Our #cnnstakeout team still at work spotted Mueller reporting to work this morning

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