FBI investigation into Russia election tampering moves forward after Mueller investigation released report

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Donald Trump drop impeachment and work on 2020; and Rep. The Mueller report will not change political opinions of President Donald Trump. Russian meddling is a mess of Obamas making and Trump should order immediate steps to use the Mueller report as a roadmap for stopping them in the future. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov delivered the Kremlins response to the Mueller report where he called the report inconclusive and harmful to US Russia ties. However Putin appealed to leading Russian businessmen to seek out contacts. Indeed including to Trumps campaign and his business; Mueller described receptivity to this outreach on the part of those figures; he described a positive eagerness on the part of the Trump campaign to benefit from illegal Russian activity and that of its cutouts; he described serial lies about it all. and he described as well a pattern of behavior on the part of the president in his interactions with law enforcement that is simply incompatible with the presidents duty to take care that the laws are faithfully executed. So No Obstruction!in the Report claims by Trumps sycophantsare just more unpatriotic Trumpish spin on the Report that concluded no such thing. The report also describes how Vladimir Putin was informed at every stage of the Russian operation. Ambassador to Russia and a MSNBC International Affairs Analyst joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss

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