Mueller report contains claim Russia taped Bill Clinton having phone sex with Monica Lewinsky

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it concluded in the wake of the mueller report. didnt show any real evidence to back up claims of Moscows cyberattacks and attempts to subvert democracy. An obvious conclusion is reached there was no collusion the English language Russian report asserts. The full report compiled by the Russian Embassy in the US can be accessed here. While the Mueller report reaction has focused on President Trump Russias Vladimir Putin continues to pose a threat to U. During the two years Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team investigated Trump campaign ties to Russian subversion of the American electoral process may have done to undercut the investigation. From the president on down little effort has been made to stop the Russians ongoing program to tamper with and taint future elections. russia allegedly recorded president clinton on the phone with lewinsky opening questions of foreign leverage over the ex potential first spouse. The storys omission from the Mueller report hints at a double standard for the Clintons he said. the mueller report says russian businessman giorgi rtskhiladze texted former trump attorney michael cohen that he [s

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