Robert Mueller sends report to attorney general signaling end to Russia probe

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how much of muellers report will the public get to see?muellers report will hardly serve as the last word on the matter. CLOSE The conclusion of the Mueller investigation into whether Trump colluded with Russia in the election is expected imminently. And Muellers report will be governed by rules written in the wake of the Starr Report. At the same time the FBI found clues that aides to Trumps campaign had tried to coordinate with the Russian effort. Hannah Gaber Saletan Rosenstein appointed Mueller to investigate possible cooperation between Trumps campaign and Russians seeking to influence the election. Days before the appointment Trump fired FBI Director James Comey amid an investigation of Trump campaign ties to Russia. The Justice Department notified Congress late Friday that it had received Muellers report but did not describe its contents. According to Justice Department regulations and why. Congressional Democrats have already sent extensive requests to the Justice Department for documents that would spell out what Mueller discovered. It set off alarms in the Justice Department and in Congress where lawmakers feared the president was determined to end the Russia investigation before it was completed

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