Russiagate D Lister Carter Page Takes His Post Mueller Victory Lap to Capitol Hill Vanity Fair

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There have been tipping points and bombshells walls closing in and turning points. Russia savored an I told you so moment Monday after special counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion between President Donald Trumps campaign and Moscow. Russian state owned Channel One suggested that U. media had been deliberately whipping up hysteria about possible collusion to turn American public opinion against Russia. Putins spokesman said that Russia wants good relations with the U. but that its up to Washington to move to repair ties. Vladimir Pozner Muellers report removes a barrier to better U. Whereas Donald Trump and his allies might be relieved to have escaped indictment in the Russia probe the bucket Trump adviser implicated by the F. Page and loitering outside the House Judiciary Committee offices unannounced. the boeing tragedy is just the beginning inside the disney fox freakout beto vs

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