US senators seek tough sanctions to deter Russian election meddling

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Despite rifts between the United States with allies Germany and Turkey foreign ministers from the Western alliance were looking to show a united front on NATOs core concern Russia. After years of focusing on more faraway challenges such as Afghanistan NATO allies in recent years have increasingly voiced worry about the trajectory of Russia under President Vladimir Putin. He said that NATO would also address the aggressive actions of Russia in the Black Sea. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday called on NATO allies to adapt to confront emerging threats Chinese strategic competition and cyber threats. We have made clear that if the risks exceed the threshold for the United States he said. We didnt make this pledge to please the United States. Republican and Democratic senators have introduced legislation threatening tough sanctions to discourage Russia from meddling in U. The Deter Act is intended to sanction Russias banking and sovereign debt for election interference. It also would ban all transactions subject to U. jurisdiction in Russian sovereign debt and the debt of any entity owned or controlled by Russias government

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