Enough to joke with Putin Turkeys FM exposes his Russian language skills

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Critics of President Donald Trump say his administration is not doing enough to counter Russian aggression and say Congress is obligated to step in. Sadly the administration in my opinion hasnt done nearly enough to stand up to Russia and call out Putins thuggery. Demings introduced legislation targeting Putins financial networks along with Republican Rep. Ive got my Russian to a medium level I even can speak it enough to joke with Putin. intelligence community provide a detailed report to Congress on Nemtsovs death. No other suspects have been arrested ever since; no sponsors or organizers of the killing have been identified either reads a statement on the website of the Boris Nemtsov Foundation for Freedom. Its impossible to overstate how important Boris Nemtsov was to the Russian and Ukrainian people. Boris Nemtsov represented hope and united Russians and Ukrainians through messages of peace and unity

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