Kim Putin North Korean and Russian leaders to meet for first time

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SEOUL South Korea North Korea on Tuesday confirmed that leader Kim Jong Un will soon visit Russia to meet with President Vladimir Putin. There are some indications that the meeting will be held in the far eastern port of Vladivostok not too far from Russias border with the North. Russia is interested in gaining broader access to North Koreas mineral resources including rare metals. President Donald Trump have had two summits collapsed because North Korea wanted more sanctions relief than Washington was willing to give for the amount of disarmament offered by Pyongyang. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will visit Russia for a summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin North Korean state media confirmed. With his Russia visit since the breakdown of the second U. As for Russia the Putin Kim summit will reaffirm Moscows place as a major player on the Korean Peninsula. North Korean state run media announced Monday that Kim will travel to Russia for a summit with Putin. Last week North Korea test type tactical guided weapon

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