Putin Signs Russian Internet Isolation Bill Into Law

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Also eligible for Russian passports are foreigners who are descendants or relatives of Soviet era deportees from Crimea including Crimean Tatars. The bill drew fierce criticism from civil liberty groups and Russian citizens due to fears it would only increase government censorship. Free Internet rallies held in Moscow were some of the biggest the media had seen in years according to NPR. Last year a Russian court ruled that the nation could ban the encrypted messaging app Telegram. In concept secure and fully functioning local internet. The state agency will be charged with ensuring the availability of communication services in Russia in extraordinary situations. During such situations creating a purely Russian web. Under the legislation safe and integral operation of the Russian Internet on Russian territory by centralizing the general communications network. The new law would provide for central control of all internet traffic remove the need for data to be sent to and received from overseas servers. The secret tests reportedly showed that isolating the Russian internet is possible but that everything would go back online within 30 minutes

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