Russia is tricking GPS in order to protect Vladimir Putin

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In Syria and the US military is now making moves to upgrade its electronic warfare capabilities. The Russian emphasis on electronic warfare extends to Putins personal security detail which has embraced GPS spoofing as a way to protect the Russian leader against drone attacks. Five days before Benjamin Netanyahu aims for a fifth term as prime minister in Israels elections he was in Moscow to hold talks with President Vladimir Putin. Israel has been trying to get Russia to use its influence with Syria and with Iran to scale down the Iranian military presence in Syria. When President Vladimir Putin rolled into a new Mercedes plant near Moscow in his eye catching Aurus Senat who even offered some words of praise. Arriving at the opening ceremony of the new Daimler car factory Putin stepped out of his slick metallic black limo and greeted the facilitys representatives on the shop floor. After shaking hands telling Putin in German that he has a beautiful car. 4 8 engine the presidential limo is equipped with armored plating. NAMI says that the Senat will serve as the launch model for a full line of homemade ultra luxury Aurus vehicles. It was Russian soldiers who discovered the remains of the missing Israeli soldier Zachary Baumel and handed them over to Israel Russian President Vladimir Putin informed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when they began their meeting in Moscow on Thursday

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