Russian police announce criminal probe over negative coverage of Putins space chief Report

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Moscow police initiated an investigation into articles published by two websites Rospres. after receiving a defamation complaint from Mr. Prosecutors subsequently referred the case to a specialized unit within the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow the report said. Police are investigating whether the articles violated Russian law prohibiting defamation contained in a public statement according to Kommersant. Russian President Vladimir Putin has made light of Western diplomatic and economic sanctions imposed on some of his compatriots suggesting they are actually a mark of success for the businesspeople. Earlier this week Russian oligarch and Putin ally Oleg Deripaskahimself a target of sanctionssaid it would be impossible for U. Russian relations to improve while sanctions remain in place. FORMER Fulham and Reading striker Pavel Pogrebnyak has been slammed for racist comments by Vladimir Putins human rights adviser Mikhail Fedotov. i believe that any football player who plays well and has russian citizenship has a right to represent the russian national side. But I think that naturalised players should not play in the national team

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