Russian Police Detain Man Suspected Of Painting Offensive Putin Graffiti

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Russian police have detained a man suspected of spray painting a homophobic slur about President Vladimir Putin on the Interior Ministry building in the city of Yaroslavl local media reported. The graffiti appeared to read Putin is a f****t in Russian. Sergeant First Class Zachary Baumel had been listed as missing along with two other Israeli soldiers after a deadly battle with Syrian forces in a Lebanese village. The Russian defence ministry said it handed over Baumels remains to Netanyahu in a ceremony at its headquarters. Netanyahu said he asked Putin two years ago to help in the search for the remains of the missing men. There is no indication that Russian GPS spoofing has caused direct civilian harmyet. GPS systems have become nearly ubiquitous in the modern economy and industrial control systems. government officials cautioned that drones deployed along the U. Mexico border were seeing their GPS systems spoofed probably by drug cartels. these surveys are carried out by various companies in various countries and that figure is far from the highest

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