Some Russians fight back as Putin cracks down on freedoms

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This week Russian lawmakers advanced a package of new legislation aimed at curtailing internet freedom. Those practices continue and Jehovahs Witnesses have been some of the hardest hit by the enforcement of such laws. After the conviction of Christensen allegations also surfaced of torture and ill treatment of Jehovahs Witnesses following the searches of their homes by law enforcement officials in the Siberian city of Surgut. Russians protest against online iron curtain controls as Vladimir Putin considers tougher internet restrictionsPostedRussian internet users and the media have warned of a new online iron curtain brought about by tough new controls critics say will stifle dissent. People gathered in a cordoned off Prospekt Sakharova street in Moscow stop breaking the Russian internet. Russia has in recent years attempted to curb internet freedoms by blocking access to certain websites and messaging services such as Telegram. But Russian political discourse is also riddled with conspiracy theories. My research examines why these theories have emerged and gained currency in Russia. Such turbulent times often give birth to gifted leaders who are keen on mobilizing the public by spreading conspiracy theories to gain popularity and political success. What makes Russian conspiracy theories different is that in Russia this has been a top down process

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