US North Korea envoy in Moscow as Russia plans for Kim Putin talks

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russian president vladimir putin is keen to play a stronger role in international talks over north koreas nuclear programme. On Wednesday the agency reported that North Koreas flagship carrier Air Koryo had scheduled a special flight to Vladivostok on Tuesday next week. Japans Jiji Press said it was 99 percent certain that Putin and Kim will meet next Wednesday in Vladivostok. Russia is keen to play a stronger role in international talks over North Koreas nuclear programme which have seen Kim meet US President Donald Trump for two summits over the last year. The meeting between the Cold War allies comes at a delicate moment in the nuclear negotiations between North Korea and the United States which have stalled since the last round of talks in Hanoi fell apart earlier this year. The Kremlin did not provide any further details about the meeting between Kim and Putin who are not believed to have ever met each other. The announcement came just hours after North Koreas foreign ministry called for US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to be replaced in any further negotiations between the two countries. said that anyone still touting that there was collusion between President Donald Trump and Russia was helping Russian President Vladimir Putin in his goal to cause division and dissension in the U. realdonaldtrump is doing the bidding of the russians don jr. schiff swallwell and the other russia truther losers trump tweeted thursday

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