VPN providers pull Russian servers as Putins ban threatens to bite

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The notified services include NordVPN Kaspersky Secure Connection and VPN Unlimited. TorGuard has not disclosed any information to the Russian authorities and our legal team has been notified of this request. Because most of the services are not based in Russia it could make them tricky to ban in an effective way. We will not cooperate with the Russian government in their efforts to censor VPN services. Vladimir Putins quest to break Russias reliance on the US dollar has set off a literal gold rush. The data shows that Russia is making rapid progress in its effort to diversify away from American assets. as vladimir putin gives his annual state of the nation address. Shops have been left without food and cities without electricity under the rule of President Maduro. Thus the speculations about the conduct of certain military operations by Russia in Venezuela are absolutely groundless. On Saturday morning including in areas where government loyalists were active

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