Why Is John Travolta Palling Around With Putins Cronies in Russia

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Never mind that Travolta is one of the most prominent figures in the Church of Scientology which is banned in Russia. And now Peskov was asking the aging Hollywood star what American citizens really think about Russia. We discussed the reasons behind the Russophobic hysteria heated up by the U. political circles Peskov told reporters later. A Russian court has sentenced a Ukrainian teen to six years in prison for abetting terrorism. The suspect says FSB agents abducted him in Belarus. For starters and prefers to view Nazarbayev as the Kazakh Yeltsin. Its unlikely that Putin believes the Russian political system would collapse in his absence which means he wont resort to radical reforms before leaving politics. The Communists had called on Russians to take to the streets across the country to protest the latest raft of repressive laws and falling living standards. Critics say the Kremlin is ramping up a crackdown on dissenters to counter a fall in Putins approval rating amid mounting economic troubles

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