Kremlin Criticizes Ukraine for Breaking Friendship Treaty After Russia Invaded Country The treaty of Friendship Cooperation and Partnership that Russia and Ukraine signed will soon expire and officials in Kiev have informed their counterpart

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Still Russia slammed Ukraine on Wednesday for allowing the treaty to expire. The Kremlin also claimed that Ukraine had violated the treaty by building closer ties to the West. In turn Moscow denied any violations and announced that Russia was likewise suspending its participation in the INF Treaty. Ukraine cant be inside of the INF Treaty simply because the INF Treaty doesnt exist anymore a Ukrainian think tank. Amid that backdrop some voices have criticized the U. withdrawal from the INF Treaty warning that the move could provide the catalyst for a destabilizing regional arms race. military is planning to flight test two types of missiles banned by the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty. Russian officials vowed a military response claiming that U. withdrawal from the treaty the could trigger the end of the world. The Kremlin has repeatedly warned the United States against pulling out of the INF

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