China Russia We All Have To Get Rid Of Nukes Trump Says Amid He Eyes Arms Control Deal

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Donald Trump has called on the US and China to reduce their nuclear arsenals amid reports that his administration is planning to propose a landmark arms control deal with Beijing and Moscow. we want to get rid of the nuclear weapons we all have to get rid [of them. Russia has to get rid of them Trump stated. between russia and china and us including nuclear [weapons. com Pentagon eager to test banned missiles after discarding Cold War era nuke treatyTrump may also struggle to convince the international community that Washington will honor any new arms control agreements. Melber asked again if Swalwell accepts Muellers investigation not finding evidence of Russians colluding with Trumps campaign. Theres evidence of collusion and coordination there Swalwell said. I mean the campaign expected to benefit from it. The Mueller report did not establish that the rejection of the Ukraine amendment was undertaken at the behest of candidate Trump or Russia. One could argue that Barrs summary downplays the obstruction findings though it accurately relays that Muellers report does not exonerate Trump

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