Colbert If Trump Isn t A Russian Agent What The Hell Is Wrong With Him

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Six committee chairs in the Democratic led House of Representatives called on U. No one outside the Justice Department has yet seen the report including the White House. The Justice Department has not said whether it will release Muellers full report but Barr has said he will be as transparent as possible. A person familiar with the matter said there were no plans at this time to show the Mueller report to the White House. The South Carolina Republican it would not play well. Barr said Mueller found no evidence that Trump or his associates conspired with Russia. With prosecutable collusion with Russia off the table after Muellers report was delivered to the AG Late Show host Stephen Colbert updates the Reasons Trump is a Bad President board. Weve been following this Mueller investigation for two years Colbert said. I think weve mentioned it a few times on this show. And if not why have so many members of Trumps campaign pleaded guilty to lying about meeting with the smoke monster?

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