House Dems Issue Friendly Subpoena To Multiple Banks Probing Different Form Of Trump Russia Collusion

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Two days later the attorney general sent Congress a four page letter that detailed Muellers principal conclusions. In his letter Barr noted that Muellers team did not exonerate the president of obstruction of justice. The attorney generals comments have frustrated Democrats uncensored report and concerned that Barr may withhold pertinent information. Trump criticized the inquiry again Monday as a partisan investigation that fabricated the whole Russia Hoax. and the chairmen of six committees called for Barr to provide Muellers unaltered report to Congress. more about special counsel robert muellers report. Schiff said in a statement the subpoenas issued included a friendly subpoena to Deutsche Bank. the financial services committee chair said in a statement. financial system for illicit purposes is a very serious concern. The Financial Services Committee is exploring these matters as thoroughly as possible

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