Is Trump a Russian Agent Explaining Terms of Art and Examining the Facts John SipherJust Security

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President Trump on Monday said it was time to investigate the investigators doubling down on Attorney General Bill Barrs summary of Special Counsel Robert Muellers findings in the Russia investigation. I want to make sure there was no unauthorized surveillance Barr testified. Whether proper or improper the issue of surveillance of the Trump campaign has been widely documented. Democrats are calling for Mueller himself to testify before Congress and have expressed concern that Barr will order unnecessary censoring of the report to protect the president. However Mueller did not reach a conclusion on whether Trump obstructed justice. Barr said he did not believe the evidence was sufficient to prove that Trump had obstructed justice but he noted that Muellers team did not exonerate the president. This material may not be published rewritten or redistributed. New York approved new tolls to enter the heart of Manhattan. New York and New Jersey are neighbors but they have not always treated each other in a neighborly way

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