Republicans Trump lead counter assault on McCarthyist Russiagate diehard Schiff

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i wrote rachel maddows career committed suicide live on national tv tonight. maddows ratings soared along with other msnbc trump russia collusion conspiracy shows. Is the drop in ratings the past few days the end of the road for Maddow and MSNBC conspiracy theorists?. The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday turned into a judgment day for the Democrats chief Russiagate pusher Rep. At one point Schiff even switched off the microphone of Rep. Mike Turner who had been asking him to take back his baseless claims. He needs to step aside as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. on thursday morning the soft spoken chairman of the house intelligence committee adam schiff. Republicans on the Intelligence Committee went on the attack again Thursday morning saying they didnt believe he could lead impartially. Schiff has always had a tense relationship with TrumpBy continuing to use the word collusion Schiff is making himself a thorn in Trumps side but hes always been one

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