Trump Shirking His Duty To Protect The Country By Ignoring Russia Election Threat Ex CIA Agent

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First Lady Melania Trump looks on as President Donald Trump receives a two arm handshake President Vladimir Putin. Ex CIA agent Evan McMullin told CNN on Wednesday that President Donald Trump was shirking his duty to protect the country by ignoring the fact that Russia plans to attack the 2020 election. In a race thats that close everything matters. # p #7_7 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #8_7 # ad skipped = NULL #. But he won such a close election how are the history books going to treat him?A guy who won a fluke election because he got Russian help. go go! i just think youre all youre smart people and can be very calculating. This narrative was always pushed by the Hillary campaign and it was executed by the Obama administration said Levin of the collusion storyline. levin said volume two [or the robert mueller led operations report. Levin remarked let them speak to anyone they wanted to. Thats why theres not a knowing corrupt intent and thats the requirement that the Supreme Court set out that the prosecutors could never have met

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