Tulsi Gabbard If Mueller found Trump colluded with Russia it could have led to civil war

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She continued it would have precipitated a terrible crisis that could have led to civil war. So we should all be relieved that President Trump was not found to have colluded with the Russians. Mueller reported Trump did not collude with Russia to influence our elections. Now we must put aside partisan interests and work to unite our country to deal with the serious challenges we face. Barr wrote in a four page letter Sunday that Mueller had determined there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians. trump campaign people communicated with russians during the campaign numerous times. There were contacts with Russia and lies about those contactsand false denials that provided cover for the Russian attack. Especially before the full contents of the Mueller report if that ever happens. GRAND RAPIDS Michigan Chuck Ricklefs Jr. Several said it felt like Trumps election victory all over again

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