Unwitting Or Not Donald Trump Is Still Complicit In Russias Assault On America

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For nearly two years an investigation which found that Trump was himself a Russian pawn. For those familiar with the story of Chicken Little none of this should come as a surprise. Foxy Loxy soon begins manipulating Chicken Little without Chicken Littles knowledge. The story of Chicken Little ends with Chicken Little leading his fellow chickens to Foxy Loxys den where he devours them. Like Chicken Little Donald Trump has accomplished this same feat. # p #2_5 # ad skipped = NULL #Its a governing crisis. How could you possibly organize a conspiracy with Russia? He doesnt even have a to do list as best I can tell. # p #3_5 # ad skipped = NULL #Woodwards previous book on the Trump presidency documented the chaos and squabbling in the early days of the administration. # p #5_5 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #6_5 # ad skipped = NULL #. We have nothing to do with Russia except that we have been tougher on Russia than any administration in 50 years President Donald Trump said

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