Washington Monthly Public Opinion Has Hardened on Trump Russia Democrats Should Be Unafraid to Act

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That said much of the discussion around the Trump Russia issue has been political in terms of its impact on the 2020 election. Obviously the Trump campaign felt a gust wind at their sails as a result of the Barr letter purporting to clear the president. In characteristic Trump fashion the president found unwarranted confidence to make another assault on the Affordable Care Act. Trumps approval rating remains locked at the same 42 percent average it has been at for most of the last two years; the Barr letter did nothing to change that. Because public opinion has so deeply hardened there is no reason for Democrats to refrain from pursuing all the investigatory leads that can to get to the truth. more americans think the report was done fairly. His statement comes as Donald Trumps attorney general remains the only person who has reviewed Muellers report. Barr has also indicated that he would first provide the White House an opportunity to redact the report before it is passed along to Congress or made public. Consistent with Justice Department protocol the special counsels report was delivered exclusively to Barr. However there have been concerns since the beginning of Barrs consideration for the attorney general role regarding how he would handle precisely this moment should it ever come to be

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