Why were Trump friends celebrating that hes a Russian stooge instead of a traitor

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what was done at the beginning of this investigation of the trump campaign?its a reckoning for many in the media that dutifully passed along this theory without scrutiny or context. Trying to parse the language of the Barr letter Chait ignores that its conclusions are direct quotes from the Mueller report itself. Hes not the first president in 40 years to get Congress to pass a private sector health program for veterans; he expanded it. Veterans still must wait for weeks before they can get private care outside the VA system. Last year then Secretary David Shulkin said VA care is often 40% better in terms of wait times compared with the private sector. As a result lawmakers could be forced later this year to limit the program or slash core VA or other domestic programs. Reacting to conservative commentators and opinion hosts pushing for an investigation of the investigators following the completion of the Mueller report informing them that the Russia investigation did not begin with the infamous Steele dossier. They began an investigation based on a phony dossier created and written by associates of Hillary Clinton. Look Im not saying what they did was right or any of that but we know thats when the investigation started

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