A Russian propaganda outlet prospers in Turkey

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These are the kind of stories only a few media outlets in Turkey dare to cover. A year later Turkeys airforce shot down a Russian warplane which had entered its airspace after a run over northern Syria. If the United States is willing to sell then well buy Patriots. The advanced Russian 35 advanced radar evading and electronics capabilities. Meanwhile Kremlin officials responded to Cavusoglus comments by noting Russia and Turkey were seeking closer military and technical ties this after Presidents Putin and Erdogan met in Moscow earlier this week. But the production of some components can be organized Dmitry Peskov told reporters in the capital Moscow. Following protracted efforts to purchase air defense systems from the U. Washington warned Ankara of its purchase of the S 35 jets. Turkish firms have supplied the F 35 program with key components including airframe structures and assemblies and the center fuselages. Over the last few weeks tensions between the United States and Turkey have been rising over Turkeys purchase of Russias S aircraft missile system

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