Bipartisan threat Senate leaders warn Turkey sanctions will follow its purchase of Russian missiles

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No one can expect us to give up this arguing that as a sovereign country Turkey cannot accept foreign interference. Turkey is an important partner in the F 35 program the senators say. The senators say that investment will be squandered and Turkey will be forced to settle for a less capable fighter aircraft that will not arrive for many years. The lawmakers say Congress is ready to help if Russia punishes Turkey for pulling out of the program. In that unfortunate event we commit to do all we can to assist Turkey as it weathers the storm. MOSCOW Lawmakers from Russia Iran and Turkey are calling for Syrias territorial integrity to be preserved as remarks from Israel and the United States have renewed long standing land disputes. The legislators from parliament foreign affairs committees met Wednesday in Moscow for a special session on Syria. we confirmed the necessity of preserving the territorial integrity of syria especially regarding the golan heights. If the United States is willing to sell then well buy Patriots. However Cavusoglu told Turkish broadcaster NTV

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