Turkey sayss 400 purchase from Russia a done deal cannot be canceled

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He said Turkey had received a new offer for the Patriot systems from the United States but added that they would negotiate. even today the united states cannot give guarantees about selling the patriots to turkey. In response to yesterdays threat by Vice President Mike Pence putting Turkey on notice to either scrap the S 35 The United States must choose. Over the past year Washington has repeatedly warned against Turkish forces foraying deeper into Syria to fight Syrian Kurdish militants. Turkey again reminded the world last Friday that and this deal is valid. Nobody should ask us to lick up what we spat. Alex Jones issues an emergency to President Trump to stop Americas collapse. Pence said in an address during a meeting of NATO ministers in Washington. Washington has warned that proceeding with the deal could result in U. sanctions and the exclusion of Turkey from the F 35 fighter jet program

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