EU targets 8 more Russians over naval attack off Ukraine

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EU headquarters said Friday that it is slapping asset freezes and travel bans on the eight for actions undermining or threatening the territorial integrity sovereignty and independence of Ukraine. They include senior Russian border and military officials and the commanders of three Russian vessels. The EU says the move comes in response to the escalation in the waters off eastern Ukraine and violations of international law by Russia which used military force with no justification. Russias actions near the Kerch Strait have been criticized by a number of European countries and the US. NATO is closely monitoring developments in the Kerch Strait and has called for restraint and the de escalation of tensions. Ukraine considered this an act of military aggression and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognized the captured sailors as prisoners of war. US President Donald Trump canceled his planned meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin because of the Kerch Strait incident. yaroslavsky shipbuilding plant is a russian state owned shipbuilding plant that has built vessels for russias federal security service. Global Affairs Canada says the list of people and entities sanctioned over Russias aggression toward Ukraine has now reached 429

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