For Russian speakers in Ukraine a candidate talking their language

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Despite vowing to keep Ukraine on a pro Western course Zelensky has polled particularly well in areas of the country where Russian speakers make up large parts of the population. A native Russian speaker himself from the central city of Kryvyi Rig Zelensky appears on track to deal an upset defeat to incumbent Petro Poroshenko in Sundays second round of voting. That gap was larger in Russian speaking regions of the country with Zelensky winning 45 percent in Kryvyi Rig. According to Kobolyev this shows that there is no real technical or economic reason for Gazprom to construct gas transit routes that bypass Ukraine. the ukrainian gas transport operator ukrtransgaz offered to let hungary establish a gas reserve in ukraines underground storage facilities for such a scenario. The Insider published copies of the leaks on Wednesday and determined that they appear to be real. But he says he favors dialogue with Russia in order to put the country back on the road to peace. Some note that the comedian may not need Kremlin funding

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