Ukraines Anti Russia Azov Battalion Minutemen Or Neo Nazi Terrorists

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Last year the Zaborona media group reported on the lives of Azov soldiers in eastern Ukraine. Volunteer Natalia Voronokova and her team have been providing medicine and ammunition for Azov soldiers since the early days of the war. Yesterday including high ranking government officials in Moscow. They spoke with leaders in Moscow the statement added. Did Russia order the rebels to shoot down a passenger plane?But its entirely possible that Russian officials in Moscow had advance warning of some kind of attack on a commercial airliner. The situation for the local population keeps getting worse the UN Human Rights Commission finds. That could be interpreted as a war crime said UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay. The committee heard there were fears that efforts had been made to soften up politicians and others in the UK to make action against Russia less palatable. Witnesses suggested the Russian state and oligarchs friendly to it had made overtures to multiple UK political parties. The UK is in a good position to take action to deter Russian efforts at destabilisation

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