MSNBC Host On Venezuela Because Of Russia Its Not Clear Which Side We re On It Is Clear

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MSNBC anchor Brian Williams echoed Wallace which was in part about his handling of Robert Muellers Russia investigation. Russia has stood by Maduro and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said this week Russia convinced Maduro not to leave the country for Cuba. Venezuela has descended into chaos under Maduros socialist regime following the collapse of its economy and accompanying food and medical shortages. end this nightmare of poverty hunger and death. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told Fox Business Network. Pompeo said on Tuesday that Maduro had recently been prepared to leave Venezuela but changed his plan after Russia intervened. If Washington continues its meddling attempts in internal affairs she said. Russia has sent military specialists and equipment to Caracas on several flights since the outbreak of the crisis this year. Reports have said Russian mercenaries have flown to Venezuela to protect Maduro although Russia has not confirmed their presence in the country. Russian state media have characterized the attempted overthrow of the Maduro government on Tuesday as a US backed coup

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