Rep Gabbard On Venezuela Trump WH Saber Rattling US Should Broker Diplomatic Solution With Russia

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The unrest in Venezuela is turning into a battleground of rhetoric between the United States and Russia. Cuba denies troops in VenezuelaMeanwhile a top Cuban diplomat denied U. accusations that thousands of Cuban troops were on the ground in Venezuela. Cuba does not participate in military operations nor in security operations in Venezuela Cuban Chief of U. Affairs Carlos Fernandez de Cossio told the Associated Press. While many of the rank file soldiers have joined the opposition Maduro still has the backing of generals and other top military chiefs. Tulsi Gabbard accusing the White House of saber rattling and saying the U. should work with Russia to avoid a potential nuclear conflict over Venezuela. I have seen firsthand the high cost of war and pushing for this civil war will only end up with more suffering and death and disaster for the Venezuelan people. Tulsi Gabbard D HawaiiGabbard argued that interfering in regime change would not have a positive impact on the people of Venezuela

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