Russia Accuses US Of Faux News On Venezuela Whats In It For Putin

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Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claims that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was ready to leave his troubled country for exile in Cuba but was persuaded by Russia to remain. backed opposition leader Juan Guaido urged the military to help oust Maduro from the presidency. President Donald Trump tweeted that Washington stands with the People of Venezuela and their Freedom. Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the situation in Venezuela Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. The Kremlin claims that they were sent to do maintenance work on military equipment Russia supplied to Venezuela several years ago. similarly backed different sides in Syrias civil war and Russian President Vladimir Putin coming to the rescue has arguably kept dictator Bashar Assad in power. 4 billion selling military equipment to Caracas and currently exports about $70 military goods to the country. The Russian military also gives Venezuelas military guidance and advice. The network said one of its guests believes Russia has nuclear missiles in Venezuela and presumably no one but him noticed. To be clear as far as any open evidence or official statements go

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