Russia and the US move their hostilities to Venezuela

russia venezuela


Both the Russian Foreign Ministry and the United States Department of State stated that Pompeo and Lavrov exchanged accusations over the situation in Venezuela. Lavrov stressed that Washingtons attempts to organize a coup dtat in Venezuela and threats against its legitimate government are a violation of the United Nations Charter and undisguised interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state. Mike Pompeo accused Russia of exacerbating tensions in Venezuela. Russia has warned the United States and neighbors against a military intervention in Venezuela. On Friday it sanctioned its development bank in efforts to choke off financial flows to Maduros government and called on Venezuelan military leaders to abandon him. Two Russian military planes carrying troops and equipment have arrived in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas sparking condemnation from the US. State department spokesman Robert Palladino has responded by saying that the US will not stand idly by as Russia exacerbates tensions in Venezuela. Experts also believe Russia may be attempting to set up a base in Venezuela. China seems to be reducing its importance and Russia seems to be increasing its relative importance says Venezuelan political scientist Michael Penfold Becerra. The United States on Monday accused Russia of reckless escalation of the situation in Venezuela by deploying military planes and personnel to the crisis stricken South American nation that Washington has hit with crippling sanctions

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