Russia Is Planning To Fly More Military Planes Into Venezuela Via Syria

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European refiners are switching to Russian sour grades as US sanctions have shrunk Venezuelas similar grade exports adding that the Russian sour crude is getting increasingly expensive. Citing sources from the trading industry more sour grades under the OPEC+ agreement aimed at stimulating a price rise. US crude is not an alternative as it is overwhelmingly light and sweet while refineries in Europe are equipped to process heavier grades as well as light ones to make refined products. Thats a complete reversal of the traditional differential between light and heavy oil a light blend. Sanctions on Iran are further complicating life for European refiners as they have restricted exports of sour grades that Iran also produces in addition to its very popular superlight crude also called condensate. has long been treating Latin America as its backyard threat or even subversion. I am sure Latin American countries are fully capable of telling a true friend from a false one who is ignoring rules and spreading chaos. He warned that this is Iran intervening in South America. Thats not in the best interest of the South American people and the United States stands ready. He said that Americas Trump wants to turn Latin America into its own backyard forgetting that the nations of the world and Latin America have awakened and the wheel of time does not move backward

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