Russia Warns of US War on Venezuela China Backs Cuba

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The US has called on the international community to deny Russian planes flying to Venezuela a right of passage through their airspace following the example of such a move by Malta. We applaud the government of #Malta for refusing to allow Russian planes to use its airspace to supply the brutal former regime in #Venezuela. At the same time Moscow said that its military personnel had arrived to carry out maintenance on Russian military tech under a bilateral agreement with Caracas. Russia and China have condemned recent U. moves in Latin America where they accuse President Donald Trumps administration of warmongering and interfering in the affairs of sovereign countries. Zakharova said Thursday that unilateral sanctions are illegitimate. He said that China believes that mutual respect peaceful co win cooperation should serve as the guidance for international relations. Russian oil giant Rosneft has lashed out at Reuters calling the agencys claims the company helped Venezuela avoid US sanctions informational sabotage and promising to work towards banning it in its home country. In its exclusive piece on Thursday PDVSA. This enterprise systematically engages in forging and spreading deliberate misinformation the statement read

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