Russian trolls pumped out malware along with pro Trump messages Venezuelans helped

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How much do you get paid to spread MALWARE. a modern helicopter training center was built under rosoboronexports contract with venezuelan state owned defense manufacturer. The statement added that the training facility had opened earlier in the week with Russian and Venezuelan specialists participating. The announcement came several days after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced the build up of Russian troops and equipment in the country. Moscow has recently accused Washington of engineering a violent coup in Venezuela in violation of the United Nations Charter. MOSCOW An executive at a Russian state owned company says it will finish building a facility for repair and maintenance of Russian helicopters in Venezuela by the end of the year. Russia has been a major backer of embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro supplying his government with weapons and providing loans. colombian president ivan duque speaks during the presentation of a security report . Colombia has repeatedly denied it has any intention of launching a military offensive across its border with Venezuela. puppet blocked the aid and Venezuelan troops pushed back protesters with tear gas

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