US Interference Could Lead To Collapse In Venezuela Russian Foreign Ministrys Spokeswoman

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Venezuelan President Nicols Maduro was about to flee to Cuba on Tuesday amid the fierce political standoff with opposition leader Juan Guaid until Russia intervened and convinced him to stay according to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Maduro and other senior Venezuelan officials were ready to end the chaos in the South American country by jetting off to the communist island nation Pompeo told CNN. Its been a long time since anyone has seen Maduro Pompeo said on Tuesday night. we have told the russians and we have told the cubans. Americas reckless push for a change of regime in Venezuela can only lead to further deterioration in the crisis ridden state Russias Foreign Ministry spokeswoman has warned. that might cause the whole situation to collapse juan guaido. Maduro said in response that the Venezuelan Armed Forces remain loyal to the constitution and his government. Venezuelas Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez also warned that the army would use force if necessary. appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight Tuesday and made a case for backing opposition to disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and suggested that Russia had installed nuclear missiles in the South American nation. Are you saying the Russians will put nuclear missiles in Venezuela? Carlson asked

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