Washington ascribes its own plans for Venezuela to Moscow Russia comments on US threats

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The US is projecting its own plans against Venezuela on Moscow adding that Russian specialists have clear and open goals in the country. It looks like Washington is judging by itself trying to ascribe its own plans it has against this country to Moscow. She added that Russian specialists in Venezuela are not military contingent which Moscow made clear from the very beginning. Read moreThe US unsubstantiated alarm over an imaginary Russian military contingent deployed to Venezuela is an example of the utmost hypocrisy given its own activities in South America. It would be nice to know what the numerous American military instructors are doing in Venezuelas neighbor Columbia? Zakharova wondered. The Russian side clearly stated the purpose of the arrival of its specialists to Caracas. This is not about any military contingents Zakharova said in a statement. Thus the speculations about the conduct of certain military operations by Russia in Venezuela are absolutely groundless. Russia has said its specialists pose no threat to regional stability brushing aside a call from the United States to remove all its military personnel from Venezuela

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